Allen Chou

A student. An enthusiastic programmer. An open source advocate.


National Taiwan University

Department of Information Management
September 2018 - Present


FHIR Engineer

Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital (Outsourcing)

I participated in building an Electronic Health Record system for Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, and is responsible for implementing the file-based integration tool and the UI of EHR management system.

September 2018 - December 2018


Side Projects


CloudMUN is a web-based Model United Nations chairing system, aims to keep track of Model United Nations conferences and sync conference data between computers. Has been used by more than 30 conferences in 5 countries.


Simple Six Laws

Simple Six Laws (簡易小六法) is a law searching tool that supports approximate string matching. Users can use abbreviation to search law clauses. It's a Progressive Web Application implemented with React.

Simple Six Laws

A website full of resources related to Information Security, including tutorials, tools, conferences, etc.

Mix Network

A mix network proof of concept implemented in Node.js

Simple PHP Router

A simple PHP routing class.

My Github

See my Github for more projects I did. Also, feel free to open issues or send pull requests!



SITCON 2019 - Agenda Group Leader
SITCON 2016 ~ 2017 - Agenda Group Member
COSCUP 2016 - Field Team
g0v summit 2016 - Field Team
TDOH Conf 2016 - Agenda Group


SITCON 2013 ~ 2015, 2018
COSCUP 2015, 2017 ~ 2018
HITCON 2015 ~ 2018


Got your PW - A Brief Introduction to Information Security @ SITCON 2016
The Technique and Difficulties of Electronic Voting @ INFAS 2017
Introduction to Cryptography (HITCON 101) @ HITCON 2018
My Slideshare:


Programming Languages

C, C++, Javascript / Node.js, PHP, R, Shell Scripts


Git, Docker, Valgrind, LaTeX


React (Javascript), Qt (C++), Express.js (Javascript), Laravel (PHP)